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About AgDesign Inc.

  • Delicate Fruit Handling
    Agdesign Inc. specializes in equipment designed to delicately handle fruits and vegetables. Attention is given to the design, materials, flow rates and transfers for each product.
  • Engineering and Design 
    Agdesign Inc. can engineer new systems or design upgrades for existing systems.  
  • Complete Packinghouse Systems 
    Agdesign Inc. supplies everything to complete a fresh fruit, citrus or vegetable packing line including:
    • Pick tote / bucket dumping and metering systems
    • Continuous gentle bin dumping equipment
    • Manual hand grading and inspecting systems
    • Washing, waxing and drying systems
    • Fruit distribution and packing equipment
    • Carton, tray and bag conveyance systems
    • Automatic pick-tote de-palletizers
    • Rotary pack tables
    • Tilt belt pack tables
    • Automatic fruit accumulators
  • Quality Construction
    Agdesign Inc. builds only first quality equipment assuring:
    • Top performance
    • Low maintenance
    • Long life
    • Best value
    • Stainless or painted mild steel materials


Our staff has over 75 years of combined experience in the packing industry.  We can help you improve efficiency and throughput of your existing line, or design a custom new state of the art line for you from the ground up.



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